ME New Technologies head office is in Mojacar, Almeria, Andalucia, Spain. Based in the only recognized desert region in europe. The region has the least rain fall in the whole of europe with the most sun light hours, enabling solar technology to be utilized to its full potential in all areas of commerical business. From solar thermatic farms that supply the national grid, too solar developments in farming through to solar freezing for perishable products in the market place. Solar pumps are in use in remote areas allowing irrigation to valuable crops. Bio gas technology is also a technology that is seen in the region as a valuable source of energy.

Apdo. de correos 779. 04638 Mojacar. Almeria. (Spain)

Tel:        (+34) 950 478 935
Fax:       (+34) 950 478 524


Please contact via email or phone directly to dscuss your solar and bio gas requirements. "ME New Technologies" value all correspondence for now and future developments in the area of solar and bio gas technology. We are fluent in English, Spanish and German.

Avenída del Mediterráneo N°8 Mojácar / Tel: (+34) 950 478 935