Most Sun light in Europe


Largest road expansion in europe in 20 years.

The most abundant energy source that can be found on earth is solar energy that get in the deserts of the equatorial areas. DESERTEC The concept is designed to put deserts with existing technology at the service of energy security, water and climate planet. In this sense, we propose a cooperation between Europe, Middle East and North Africa (the region 'Eumenes' or 'EU-MENA' in English) for the production of electricity and desalinated water by thermal power plants and systems of concentration, with wind farms in deserts of MENA. These plants can meet the growing demand for electricity and energy for water desalination in the MENA region and also produce clean energy that could be transported via High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC acronym in English) to Europe with a transmission loss of only 10-15%.
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